We have a minimal functional product, which means that OpenPetra is not finished, and probably never will be, but it is usuable today. The idea is to release early and often, to get feedback from you, the real users!

You can either play with OpenPetra at with no real data, or you can sign up for a free month for testing OpenPetra at

You can also install OpenPetra locally or on your own server, have a look at these scripts:

A Basic Tutorial can be found here.

Below are the most recent OpenPetra releases with some notes about each release.


Release 2019.02

These are the major changes that happened in January 2019:

  • annual receipts have been implemented.
  • an address report was implemented for publications, excluding the people that receive an annual receipt.
  • partner find now shows the last donation.
  • partner edit has a fix to process the country code correctly.
  • the manual was started at

     Tuesday, 5 February 19@ 12:45 pm UTC
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