Even though OpenPetra is not ready for production use yet, you can already download a Preview version. We will regularly release the latest Preview to show the progress of the project and to get feedback from you!

A Basic Tutorial can be found here.

At the moment, only a standalone version of for Windows is available for download.
It comes with a base database with some demo data. To login, use the user demo and the password demo.

Below are the most recent Petra releases with the download link and some notes about each release.


OpenPetra 2017.02.4 Beta

Enhancements in this release:

  • Fix for Bankimport plugin: can now update matches that have been used on earlier statements already.
  • Fix for Standalone installer: check for Visual C++ redistributables which is needed for LibSodium. Also checks on startup of standalone application.
  • Fix for initdb for server installer: only drop the database if it exists.
  • MySQL: improve the speed of loading a database from yml.gz file.
  • MySQL: fix for loading DataAdapter
  • Fix for the link to the client installer


Hosted demo available

Bugs and Issues


     Thursday, 16 March 17@ 22:11 pm UTC
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