Shortcuts to OpenPetra sites

Here is a useful list of shortcuts to pages related to the OpenPetra project: the OpenPetra project page at Sourceforge Github source code repository Developers’ Documentation and more (MediaWiki hosted with Sourceforge) The HTML documentation of the database structure with all the tables The HTML documentation of the class structure with all the methods and properties A demo for testing and evaluation, coming with a Windows client and a client in the web browser (experimental). The database is reset every night! Some databases with generated data for demonstration, evaluation and testing forum for discussions and community support blog, which hosts the texts of the website (WordPress) Bugtracker at Github Open HUB (formerly known as Ohloh) Project statistics for OpenPetra Continuous Integration with Jenkins (running with Mono on an Ubuntu machine) Continuous Integration with Jenkins (running on a Windows machine). Builds Windows Installers from a current development snapshot – these are not releases, use at your own risk! translation of OpenPetra, using Weblate

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