About OpenPetra.org

The goal of OpenPetra.org is to provide an easy to use software system for the administration of non-profit organisations.

The OpenPetra.org software (short: OpenPetra) will minimise the software costs and training efforts, as well as the time spent on administration, in order to utilise the limited resources of a charity in the best and most efficient way. See also the detailed list of benefits of OpenPetra.org for your organisation (OpenPetra is free, and allows Multi-user, Multi-site, Multi-currency, Multi-language, and much more).

Proven Track Record
OpenPetra is based on Petra. Petra is a powerful and extensive software package that was custom-developed by OM over the course of 16 years. Currently Petra is used in OM in more than 80 countries worldwide, several hundred users are working with it daily.

What can it do
Petra is a comprehensive integrated solution for

  • bookkeeping, gift entry, accounts payable
  • managing information about people, companies, organisations, etc that the organisation is in contact with
  • managing personnel
  • managing conferences
  • extensive reporting for all those areas
  • mail merge and label printing

At this point in time, OpenPetra is work in progress and not ready for production use yet.

We need the help of contributors to reach that goal!

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