0.2.16 Alpha Release of OpenPetra.org

Please download the standalone installer here: Download OpenPetra Alpha 0.2.16-0 Standalone installer

We have 3 packages for Linux/MacOS:

Here are the changes and improvements of this particular version:

  • Fixes to the Partner Edit and Partner Find screens
  • Partner Edit: family members and family tab
  • New report for subscriptions
  • Creation of ICH stewardship batch
  • Maintain budgets, and create budgets automatically based on last years actuals
  • Accounts Payable: continue implementation, and bug fixes
  • Gift batch: several fixes, and filter gift batches by month
  • Fix a bug with authentication.
  • Changes to the database structure. If you have already entered data, please let us know. Please note that this is currently in Alpha stage and not recommended for production use.

For a detailed list of all bugs solved for this release, see Bugs closed in 0.2.16

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