0.2.18 Alpha Release of OpenPetra.org

Please download the standalone installer here: Download OpenPetra Alpha 0.2.18-1 Standalone installer

We have 3 packages for Linux/MacOS:

Here are the changes and improvements of this particular version:

Partner Edit:

  • Many fixes in Partner Edit majority on Address, Family and Subscription Tab


  • Implementation of Individual Data Screens
  • e.g. personal data, passport details,
  • emergency data, job assignments and more
  • Extract framework established
  • various new Extracts are now ready to use
  • Extract Master list improved


  • Gifts: Improvements on Gift Batch import and export
  • Budget: bug fixes in Budget section
  • Budget: consolidate budgets finished
  • ICH: .csv stewardship reports – export, send as email and import is now possible
  • Setup: Fix on exchange rates setup
  • AP: more functionality of Accounts Payable in place
  • AP: reversing of payments now enabled
  • AP: reporting functions added
  • others: fix on import from bank interface

For a detailed list of all bugs solved for this release, see Bugs closed in 0.2.18

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