0.2.8 Alpha Release of OpenPetra.org

Please download the standalone installer here: Download OpenPetra Alpha 0.2.8 Standalone installer

You may also be interested in the OpenPetra Linux&MacOS package (including files for server and even the client).

Here are the changes and improvements of this particular version:

  • New Maintain table screens (see Commit messages).
  • Web application for Online Registrations (not included in the standalone version)
  • PDF Printing on Linux
  • Improvements to Partner Find screen
  • Improvements to GL Import and Export
  • Improvements to Gift Import and Export
  • Improvements to Account Hierarchy screen
  • Improvements to Cost Centre Hierarchy screen
  • More accurate internal handling of numbers for currency amounts
  • Support cultures, the user can select the culture, and the user interface language of the client

For a detailed list of all bugs solved for this release, see Bugs closed in 0.2.8

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