Fifteenth Preview Release of

Please download the standalone installer here: Download OpenPetra Preview 0.0.15 Standalone installer

You may also be interested in the OpenPetra Linux&MacOS package (including files for server and even the client).

Here are the changes and improvements of this particular version:

  • Create new Ledgers. All available ledgers are automatically available in the navigation menu.
  • Import partners from CSV: this will help to import addresses from other sources. You have to confirm each address, and the system will tell you if the partner already exists in the database.
  • The Form letter for first time donors is now part of the OpenPetra system.
  • When sending the form letter, you can create an Extract of all partner keys that will receive the letter, and you can create an entry in their contact history.
  • There is a new screen that allows searching the contact history of all partners, and allows deleting of contact history, in case something was entered incorrectly. The contact history will soon be part of the Partner Edit screen as well.
  • The main navigation screen has been tidied up, we have no demo section anymore, but all functionality can be found in the respective module.
  • User management: add users, change password, assign group membership for permissions (to be implemented later).
  • We have added a number of new reports for partners and addresses: Brief Address Report, Brief Foundation Report, Supporting Churches Report, Valid Bank Account Report, Publication Statistical Report, Bulk Address Report
  • Fixed a bug that would allow closing OpenPetra even if screens were still open with unsaved changes.
  • We have included some sample files for you to experiment with, and an empty database for starting your own production database.
  • Previously when installing a new version of OpenPetra standalone, the SQLite database has been backed up, and a fresh version of the current demo database was installed. This version is the first that will upgrade an existing OpenPetra database, and you will be able to continue with your own data.
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