Forth Preview Release of

Please download the standalone installer here: OpenPetra Preview 0.0.4 Standalone installer

You may also be interested in the OpenPetra Linux Server package and the OpenPetra Remote Client installer.

The main new feature is the Accounts Payable supplier edit screen where you can edit new suppliers. For testing, first create a partner of type Organisation in the Partner module, and then go into the finance module, select Accounts Payable, and click on new supplier. It works to save the supplier, and to search for the supplier by either partner name or partner key. The search box remembers the last 30 searches and autocompletes.

Previews of the invoice edit screen and the supplier transaction screen have also been added, but they don’t have functionality yet.

Some smaller bugs have been fixed, eg. when closing the partner edit screen with changed data and then saving when asked. Also the Partner Find now works with the enter key.

This release now supports PostgreSQL server again, the support was broken in 0.0.3.

This release comes not only with a standalone installer, but also with a server installer for Linux. That server installer only works with Postgresql at the moment. Please see the file INSTALL in the linux server tar.gz archive. There is now also a remote client installer for Windows for OpenPetra installations that connect to a Linux server.

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