OpenPetra 2017.02 Beta

Enhancements in this release:

  • 0005819: [Reports] Improve performance of the DonorGiftStatement-> report type ‘Totals’ via the SelectUsingDataAdapterMulti function
  • 0005876: [Reports] Partner By Special Type – Internal Error
  • 0005823: [Reports] Print Partner – Report can contain two ‘Finance Details’ sections!
  • 0005836: [ICH] Empty Admin Fee batch causes ICH calculation to fail
  • 0005671: [Setup Screens] Postcode Regions Setup -> Print should show regions and ranges combined
  • 0005841: [Import/Export] Fixing problems with importing partners for a conference
  • 0005848: [Reports] Income Expense Statement: new NextYearBudget field is not totalled as it should be.
  • 0005832: [Reports] Add “Paginate” facility to RecipientGiftStatement


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