Tenth Preview Release of OpenPetra.org

Please download the standalone installer here: OpenPetra Preview 0.0.10 Standalone installer

You may also be interested in the OpenPetra Linux package (including files for server and even the client) and the OpenPetra Remote Client installer.


  • Import of account hierarchy works now. New accounts will be created automatically. This helps with customizing OpenPetra to the specific needs of an organisation.
  • Import of foreign currency exchange rates works now. This helps with displaying reports in international currency for auditors from other countries.
  • Income/Expense Sheet, Balance Sheet, and Account Detail reports now work and have been tested. Of course they still need improvements, especially for allowing the user which columns to print, reporting by quarter, etc.
  • GL transactions can be imported from Excel sheets (CSV files), with each column representing an account, and values in those columns are assigned to the correct accounts. A data definition file describes the date and currency format, and the account names for each column. This functionality can be adjusted for other situations; in the current case we can use it to import historic data from another office.
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