Update for the last 2 weeks until August 21th

What happened in the past 2 weeks

  • Bernd has finished porting the conference reports from the old Petra to OpenPetra!
  • Matthias has continued work on the GL screen, you can now cancel journals and delete transactions if they have not been posted yet.
  • Timotheus has added functionality to the GL screen to import GL batches from text file (CSV). This supports the format of the text files used for Petra 2.x
  • GL Batches are only downloaded from the server depending on the current filter setting in the GL Batches screen. This should prevent the situation that all batches are downloaded over a slow connection.
  • Timotheus has created a nant task called generateWebforms: with internationalisation, and validation. It currently supports Text boxes, date time picker, checkboxes and radio buttons, and group boxes. Sending data to the server is generated as well. This is no replacement (yet) for fully functional screens similar to the fat client, but should help with simple forms that can be used in the browser.
  • The forms generator has been tidied up a bit while adding the webforms generator to the winforms generator.
  • We have cleaned up the Finance dlls, both on server and client: eg Ict.Petra.Client.MFinance.Gui.dll has now been split into one assembly for each AP, Gift, GL, and Common.
  • Effort on the translations has been ongoing. Welcome to Joachim who has volunteered to help with the Spanish translation!
  • We are now using the continuous integration tool hudson for our build server, replacing the solution we had with CruiseControl.net. So far, hudson has worked quite nicely. see ci.openpetra.org.

What did not happen in that time

  • The tutorial has not been finished yet, especially the Finance module is not documented at all yet.

What should happen in the next weeks

  • See the TODO list from the last update. Most issues still apply.
  • Bernd will work on more finance reports to be ported to OpenPetra.
  • We also want to add more unit tests and integration tests, even for the client, probably using NUnitForms.
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