Update for the last 4 weeks until the middle of February

What happened in the past weeks

  • Vista Support has been added to the Remote Client installer and the patchtool.
  • The first production annual gift receipts have been printed for a little charity, using OpenPetra. This means gift matching and letter printing is now part of OpenPetra.
  • OpenPetra now works with the popular MySQL database as well as it did already with PostgreSQL and SQLite.
  • Migration between databases is now easily possible, by exporting all data to a text file, and importing again. This works across different database types. So that means you can start experimenting with your standalone version of OpenPetra with the default SQLite installation, and when you need it, you can subscribe to a hosted OpenPetra solution (using PostgreSQL or MySQL) and upload your existing data, and it will work the other way round as well, of course.
  • Ongoing discussions with OM about the future and direction of OpenPetra are still ongoing and taking time.
  • Much time was spent on another project with the local office, which is still with the old 4GL code.
  • Please have a look at the article on the personal blog of Timotheus covering the topic of “A look at charities and Open Source ERP software”. It also includes a number of interesting links to other websites.
  • The twelfth Preview of OpenPetra has just been released.

What did not happen in that time

  • Well, the end of the original project time is drawing near, and the project is nowhere near we originally wanted it to be. We cannot even release a version 0.1 with good confidence.

What should happen in the next weeks

  • Release version 0.1 to bring the past 12 months to a good closure.
  • Discussions with OM about the future and direction of the project. We are looking for other sponsors of the project or another way of income to sponsor the development of OpenPetra.
  • Prepare in some way for the ICCM in the Netherlands in March, which Christian and Timotheus will visit.
  • Improve the documentation of the website and in the wiki, provide and properly present a list of things that currently work and which things should be implemented in the near future.
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