Update for the last 4 weeks until the middle of March

What happened in the past weeks

  • Several smaller improvements to OpenPetra, version 0.0.13 has been released
  • The build system on Linux now uses the xbuild tool and does not depend on the monodevelop mdtool anymore.
  • We participated at a meeting of IT people working with charities in Germany, and at the ICCM Europe meeting in the Netherlands. This was encouraging and showed that there is actually a need for an alternative administration software.
  • The PDF describing the OpenPetra project has been updated, thanks to the guys in Carlisle. See http://www.openpetra.org/pdf/Openpetra_Flyer_english_March2010.pdf
  • The translation of the OpenPetra client is now on the Launchpad website. This is easier to use and to manage than the previous Pootle installation. Have a look at https://translations.launchpad.net/openpetraorg.
  • There is a new article on the personal blog of Timotheus, introducing the idea of Charity Resource Planning. The point is that charities have different needs than enterprises, and the software should be written with that in mind.

What did not happen in that time

  • Not much time was spent on developing and improving entering and posting of GL and gifts.

What should happen in the next weeks

  • We need to improve the financial functions so that we will be able to give financial reports for 2009 to the Nazareth Charity at their meeting a week after Easter.
  • With Christian now joining the OpenPetra development full-time, we will merge some fixes from the old Petra 2.x into the OpenPetra code, and perhaps start on cleaning up the Partner Edit and Partner Find screens to get them fully functional again.
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