Update for the last 9 weeks until the last week of July

What happened in the past weeks

  • The Forms Generator has seen many improvements. Quite a few of those improvements again show the power of the Generator to generate very complex screen layouts and the ability to even produce supporting code that is needed in complex screens which load data dynamically or which change dynamically at runtime (that happens on the Partner Edit screen).
  • The Forms Generator now supports the rather easy creation of so-called ‘Maintain Table Screens’. Those screens maintain the values of the many lookup tables and some system setup tables. Such screens can now be done by people who have a somewhat technical mindset and good PC skills, but who are *not* programmers. This considerably widens the audience of people who can help us in doing many of the 105 screens.
  • A volunteer, Isabel from Germany, added eleven simple ‘Maintain Table Screens’ to openPETRA in less than three days. She had no previous experience of openPETRA and doesn’t know the C# language!
  • The Partner Edit screen has seen quite a few improvements. Most notably the ‘Partner Details’ Tab is now displaying different data according to the Partner’s Partner Class – and most of the program code for that is auto-generated. Several bugs were fixed as well.
  • New Reports got added: nine for the Partner Module and sixteen for the Personnel Module.
  • openPETRA now has its own logo (see top-left corner of the openpetra.org web site)! The application got changed to use the new logo. There are also 2 new flyers available on the website, inviting people and organisations to join the OpenPetra project.
  • We have released the first Alpha version in the middle of June. This included the new generated Partner Edit screen, and also improved encryption with public/private keys.
  • We presented OpenPetra in a remote session to participants of the ICCM conference in the US in the middle of June, and got good feedback.
  • We have started working on a tutorial which should show people quickly how they can use OpenPetra. We are also working on generating demo data to be able to create realistic scenarios for testing and demonstration. We are already able to create a number of random partners with addresses.
  • Timotheus has started his own company (http://www.solidcrp.com) which offers development services to OM and other organisations. Soon we want to offer hosting services as well. Matthias is the first employee of that company, and we are looking for more people to work for this company. This is good for OpenPetra, because people can either work voluntarily on OpenPetra, or they can join OM, or they can start working for Timotheus for a fair payment.

What did not happen in that time

  • The tutorial has not been finished yet, especially the Finance module is not documented at all yet.

What should happen in the next weeks

  • Add more details to the tutorial. Provide a demo database with extensive sample data for quick user experience.
  • Matthias and Timotheus will focus on the accounting part of OpenPetra, especially to finish the GL screen and add functionality for extended posting, eg. with analysis attributes or multi-currency operations.
  • Bernd will return to Germany and will be based in the same office as Timotheus for three months, which will be good. Bernd will use his remaining time with OM to continue to work on the reports for OpenPetra.
  • Other members of the Petra/OpenPetra team will spend time at home with family and supporters, and therefore will not be available to OpenPetra for a number of weeks.
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