Update for the last eight weeks until August 22nd, 2011

  • We had very good and productive OpenPetra meetings in June. Topics covered: project planning, project structure, people & tasks, architecture, involvement of users. After three days of meetings we had a team building day which provided a good opportunity to get to know each other better, especially as several remote team members could join in.
  • ChristianK attended the “International Conference on Computing and Mission (ICCM)” in Indiana (iccm.org) in June.  He gave a presentation on OpenPetra, which was very well received. Several conference attendees showed strong interest in OpenPetra.
  • ChristianK was also kept busy with the training of our new developers, ChristopherT and AlanP. In addition to that he spent considerable time updating and extending our developer documentation in our wiki.
  • ChristopherT has nearly finished his work on seven  Maintain Table screens for the Finance Module and has now started working on the ICH (International Clearing House) Sub-Module of the Finance Module.
  • AlanP has been working on fourteen new Maintain Table screens for the Partner, Personnel, Finance and System Manager Modules.
  • ThomasS continued his work on the creation of pseudo-random test data and already achieved a lot with that.
  • TimotheusP has merged a few development branches to the main development line and updated one last missing piece in our toolset so we can from now on use C# language versions greater than C# 2.0. He was also present at the TeenStreet conference and used a version of OpenPetra at the conference for the purposes of late registration and the printing of badges.
  • A student from Taylor University, SethB, who came to Carlisle together with the other students earlier in the year came back to Carlisle for eight weeks to further the work which he and another student have started in January. Thanks Seth!
  • We have added experimental support for a further Integrated Development Environment (IDE), MonoDevelop (http://monodevelop.com/), a cross-platform IDE. We already have fully working support for the SharpDevelop and Visual Studio IDE’s, allowing software engineers to work with their tool of choice for the development of OpenPetra.
  • We welcome a new core developer, TimI, who will join us full-time at the end of August! He will be based in Carlisle, U.K.
  • We say goodbye to core developer ThiasG. He has helped us to improve our build systems, migrated our source code repository system from git to Bazaar, helped us to create automated API documentation using doxygen and investigated improvements for our software architecture (the latter one together with ChristianK). We are missing him already and wish him all the best for the future.

Thank you for your interest and support,

ChristianK for the OpenPetra developers.

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