Update for the last eight weeks until June 14th, 2011

  • We have released OpenPetra Version 0.2.10 Alpha at the end of May 2011. Lots of new functionality has been added in this release. For details see http://www.openpetra.org/en/download-openpetraorg/!
  • OpenPetra has been chosen by Sourceforge.net to be the ‘Project of the Month’ for May 2011! See http://sourceforge.net/blog/may-2011-potm-openpetra/.
  • WolfgangU has finished his work on Month End Closing and Year End Closing (Finance Module).
  • MatthiasH has been working on reversing and adjusting of gifts (Finance Module) and on adding and editing of Commitment Periods for staff (Personnel Module).
  • WolfgangB has finished his work on several reports for the Personnel Module.
  • TimotheusP has merged quite a few development branches to the main development line and built release 0.2.10 Alpha.
  • ChristopherT, who joined us in April, has started work on several Maintain Table screens for the Finance Module.
  • ThiasG looked into the automatic creation of API documentation (programmer’s documentation) and realised this using the open source project ‘Doxygen’. Find the documentation at http://codedoc.openpetra.org
  • ChristanK and ThiasG are working on improving the architecture of OpenPetra (esp. Business Object Layer).
  • ThomasS worked on the creation of pseudo-random test data. Such data will be used for populating test databases with lots of data. The open source project ‘benerator’ is used for that; it allows the creation of realistic and valid high-volume test data.
  • The two students from Taylor University have finished their work on a framework for data entry assistants (aka ‘Shepherds’), which they were working on during this spring term. They enjoyed working on OpenPetra and made good progress.
  • JoachimM has been working on rewriting and relaunching the OpenPetra website (http://www.openpetra.org). From now on we’ll only have one source code for all existing languages and the language dependent texts now come from a database. There are still some smaller changes planned for the web site.
  • The spanish translation of the web site is complete. Thanks to everybody who contributed to that! ¡Muchas gracias!
  • A contributor, Joergenr, started a Danish translation of OpenPetra. It is well underway.
  • People joining and leaving the core team: We say hello to MatthiasS. He is working for four days per week, focussing on project planning and tracking. A warm welcome to AlanP, too! He is a volunteer, working on Maintain Table screens for one day per week. We say goodbye to core developers WolfgangU and MatthiasH. They both contributed a lot to the Finance Module of OpenPetra and will be missed.

Thank you for your interest and support,

ChristianK for the OpenPetra developers.

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