Weekly update for the week ending December 12th

What happened this week

  • Still fixing things of the Petra 2.3 release in the german office.
  • Add a new report for the german office to send a letter to new donors regarding a free subscription. For this, the treasurer letter tool has been generalised, and print preview is now part of the winforms generator.
  • Encrypting of .net remoting has now been implemented and committed. We use a symmetric encryption algorithm, ie the private encryption key must be known to both server and client.
  • Importing of partners from yml file has been implemented. This helps to easily convert data from previous solutions into OpenPetra.
  • The front page of the OpenPetra website has been redesigned, the design is actually copied from ubuntu.com. The goal is to make it easier for people that visit the website to know on the first glance why they should be interested in OpenPetra. It would be really good, if someone with design skills could provide a design without copyright issues, and which covers the whole website.

What did not happen this week

  • Gift matching and letter printing is still not available in the normal OpenPetra Client.

What should happen next week

  • An SaaS solution should be set up, now that encryption works.
  • Gift import and matching, and some gift statements for donors and treasurers would be really nice. This could lead to version 0.1!
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