Weekly update for the week ending November 14th

What happened this week

  • This week the 2 tools that have been written for the local office have officially started their service.
    This was exciting, because they already use OpenPetra technology, even though they still run against the old Petra 2.x database.
    One of the tools saved already some postage because letters were sent as an email, and the other tool automates some boring tasks which the people in the finance department are very glad about…
  • Preview 0.0.10 was finally released. You can import GL transactions from an CSV file, and the basic finance reports now work, ie. Income&Expense Statement, Balance Sheet and Account detail.
  • Some investigation was spent on getting the server to communicate with the client over an encrypted channel.

What did not happen this week

  • The 2 tools are not available in OpenPetra yet, which is not so good, because they would show some functionality that is not used yet
    by the OpenPetra client (eg. print from HTML template, gift matching while importing from bank statements, etc).

What should happen next week

  • There are important meetings during the week until Monday 23. November in England, talking about future cooperations and funding of OpenPetra.
  • Perhaps some work on encrypted channels.
  • Gift import and matching, and some gift statements for donors and treasurers would be really nice. This could lead to version 0.1!
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