Weekly update for the week ending November 28th

What happened this week

  • Travelling back from England, summarising and discussing the meetings
  • Some prepartion work was done by Christian to get the Partner Edit screen to be generated.
  • The new Petra 2.3 release was installed in the german office. Though this is not part of the OpenPetra project,
    it is a intermediate step. With Petra 2.3 we finally finished the migration of the Delphi.net code to C#.
    OpenPetra was forked from that code base in March 2009. The time required to release Petra 2.3 shows that the current personnel resources are very limited, and it takes so long to release a stable version of Petra for a big organisation.
    Also the complexity of Petra 2.x is very high because of the integration with the 4gl database and programming language which causes bugs and problems that are hard to fix.
  • Encrypting of .net remoting has worked, but is not committed yet.

What did not happen this week

  • Encryption of .net remoting has not been finished yet.

What should happen next week

  • Encrypted channels should be implemented, and a SaaS solution should be set up.
  • Gift import and matching, and some gift statements for donors and treasurers would be really nice. This could lead to version 0.1!
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