Weekly update for the week ending November 7th

What happened this week

  • Since we missed last weeks weekly update, here is a short summary of the previous week: Work was done on the import of exchange rates, and on importing GL transactions from an Excel sheet. The Income/Expense Statement and Balance Sheet reports and Account Detail reports were tested and fixed. This allowed to give a presentation to the Nazareth charity with a small part of their real data.
  • This week work again was focused on making the gift import work from bank statements. This is again a project that will benefit a real office immediately, and is using the OpenPetra code base. Unfortunately, it is not usable from the OpenPetra client yet, but from a standalone application. At least the gift import was used for the October statements of parts of the operations in our office.
  • Work on printing HTML to paper and screen print preview has been improved; it is now possible to have a page break inside a simple table, and continue on the next page. A testing program has been written to test printing of HTML. This module is used at the moment to print the simple reports after importing bank statements, to list the matched and unmatched gifts.
  • A lot of time and thought also went into the preparation of meetings with the Petra 2.x development team. These meetings will happen next week (November 18 and following days).

What did not happen this week

  • Version 0.1 has not been released. At the moment, the goal is probably to release one or more 0.0.x versions, since 0.1 really should be usable for finance operations, and this is not the case yet. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to make a 0.0.10 version yet and test it quickly to avoid disappointment.
  • Work on the bank statement import delayed all other work. Finance module is not finished yet, so the project plan has to be modified again, because not much work will happen in the rest of November, due to meetings and installation of Petra 2.3 in our office at the end of the month.

What should happen next week

  • The bank import of statements for gifts will be introduced to be used for the main processing of November gifts.
  • Release version 0.0.10, which just reflects the current state of development.
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