Weekly update for the week ending October 10th

What happened this week

  • The OpenPetra.org flyer has now been released in English; thanks to everyone who helped in the translation from German, and with the layout!
  • The account hierarchy can now be edited. New accounts can be added; deleting and moving accounts around in the hierarchy does not work yet.
  • Work has been done on making easy import/export functionality, supporting CSV (spreadsheet), YML (simple text files with indentations), and XML. The advantage will be that all formats can be converted to an XmlDocument, so the programmer only has to deal with one file structure, and can use the comfortable XML parsing routines.
    This has been implemented for the export of the account hierarchy already, the import does not work yet though. But a test case has been added to the unit tests for the Import/Export functionality in general.
  • Preview 0.0.9 has been released, with AP Payments and the account hierarchy as main new features.

What did not happen this week

  • GL testing has not happened yet.
  • No financial reports have been added.
  • No work on Gift system yet.

What should happen next week

  • On Friday (October 16) there will be an important meeting, demonstrating the finance capabilities of OpenPetra to a little charity.
  • Editing of Account Hierarchy and Cost centre hierarchy should work.
  • Add more Finance reports (Income Expense, Balance Sheet)
  • Work on Gift system
  • We might release version 0.1, which does basic gift management and payments.

Projects that require help

  • On the wiki page Data Liberation is a small list of links about how to support OpenOffice and Microsoft Office file formats. It would be good if OpenPetra could not just use CSV, but also native formats of the big office packages. This is an excellent project to get started programming for OpenPetra!
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