Weekly update for the week ending October 17th

What happened this week

  • Work on the Gift system has been successful, it is now possible to create Gift batches and to post them.
  • Account Hierarchy and Cost Centre hierarchy screens are basically working.
  • Preparations have been done to setup a server for hosting OpenPetra, to allow small charities to use a Petra installation. This is especially useful for distributed teams. We are still investigating if .net remoting can be configured securely between Mono server and MS.net client; otherwise a OpenVPN would be the choice.
  • The meeting with the small charity has been successful. There is still a lot of work todo, especially on the reports and on importing data from Excel spreadsheets, but it should work.

What did not happen this week

  • GL testing has not happened yet.
  • No financial reports have been added.
  • version 0.1 has not been released.

What should happen next week

  • Add more Finance reports (Income Expense, Balance Sheet)
  • Work on importing Gifts and matching donors and recipients
  • Work on importing GL transactions from Excel sheets (each account has own column)

Projects that require help

  • On the wiki page Data Liberation is a small list of links about how to support OpenOffice and Microsoft Office file formats. It would be good if OpenPetra could not just use CSV, but also native formats of the big office packages. This is an excellent project to get started programming for OpenPetra!
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