Weekly update for the week ending October 25th

What happened this week

  • The import of bank statements for the german office nearly works now, and the gifts will be recognized in the next month and automatically assigned to the right donor and recipient/project. This only works in a standalone program at the moment, but soon will be available inside OpenPetra as well.
  • Initial versions of Income/Expense Statement and Balance Sheet have been added to OpenPetra. There is no choice for the user yet for column content etc.
  • Work has started on importing GL transactions from Excel (CSV) files.
  • There was a presentation of OpenPetra to my supporters on Sunday, which went well and was encouraging to all of us.

What did not happen this week

  • GL testing has not happened yet.
  • version 0.1 has not been released.

What should happen next week

  • Work on importing GL transactions from Excel sheets (each account has own column)
  • Release version 0.1
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