Weekly update for the week ending October 3rd

What happened this week

  • The OpenPetra.org flyer has been released in German, and a first draft of the English version has also been produced. The goal is to invite people to join the project. There have already been a couple of interesting responses!
  • The tool for the german office has been finished that helps with generating mailings for the treasurers of workers.
    This tool uses the OpenPetra dlls, but runs against the old Petra 2.x database (read only access). At the moment, it is not integrated into the OpenPetra client yet, one reason is that there is no gifts data yet anyways, so it could not be tested.
  • The AP payments basically work now. The payment screen has been added, and payments are posted to GL. Partial payments are not implemented yet.
  • There is now a Pootle translation website for OpenPetra: Wiki text with link to Pootle. This should encourage people to help with translations of the Petra client into all kinds of languages. Please let us know if you want to start the translation into a new language, and we will add the initial empty language file to Pootle.

What did not happen this week

  • GL testing has not happened yet.
  • Importing of data into OpenPetra was not been worked on.

What should happen next week

  • Import GL batches for testing GL Posting
  • Import general ledger balances for testing Account Detail report
  • Add more Finance reports (Income Expense, Balance Sheet)
  • Work on Gift system
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