Weekly update for the week ending September 26th

What happened this week

  • The OpenPetra.org website has been translated to german. More translations of the website are welcome, to show the international focus of the project.
  • Related to the launch of the german website: The RSS feed has changed. To just subscribe to the english messages, please subscribe to English News RSS feed.
  • Work has been done on generating mailings for the treasurers of workers. Previously, these mailings could only be sent as letters. Now they can be sent as email as well, if the email address of the treasurer is available. We have developed an HTML to page renderer, which works already quite nicely.

What did not happen this week

  • The tool to generate mailings is not integrated into the OpenPetra client yet, but is a standalone tool at the moment only.
  • GL testing has not happened yet.
  • AP payments have not been worked on.

What should happen next week

  • Import GL batches for testing GL Posting
  • Import general ledger balances for testing Account Detail report
  • Add more Finance reports (Income Expense, Balance Sheet)
  • Work on AP payments
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