Technical Details

Installation/Deployment Scenarios of OpenPetra

The OpenPetra architecture currently supports the following installation/deployment scenarios:

  • Network: Client and application server need to be in the same network.
    • Client runs on any modern browser.
    • Application server and database system both run on a server with Linux operating system. It should work on Windows server as well, but there are no public instructions for that scenario yet.
  • Standalone: No network or server is needed.
    • application server and database system can be installed locally. That is very easy on Linux.
  • Remote: We use https for encryption. This means you can securely access your OpenPetra server from anywhere.
  • Software as a Service: for example at you can rent your own OpenPetra instance, and you and your colleagues can access that at the same time, from anywhere. You automatically get all the updates, and you don’t need to worry about backup.

At there is a script that installs OpenPetra on various Linux distributions. Currently supported are Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and Fedora.

Programming languages and used tools

OpenPetra is developed in C# which requires the freely available Microsoft .Net Framework for Windows or the freely available Mono framework for Linux.

Please look here to find an overview about the tools which are used within OpenPetra.

There is a choice of databases, all of them are freely available. At the moment we support MySQL and PostgreSQL which are both reliable and powerful database management systems.

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