OpenPetra is published under the GPL license version 3 or later.

This means generally, that everyone can download and use OpenPetra free of charge. If you want to make changes to the code and publish the result, you have to publish the changes as well under the GPL conditions.
The best for everyone will be to contribute changes back to the project so that they are included in the next official release and available to everyone.

There is no warranty or liability and no service contract with OpenPetra. Please also read Support for

At this moment in time, OM “owns” the OpenPetra project. This means, that OM contributed most of the initial code and the ideas for the basic functionality of the modules.

Having said that, the project will only work if other developers and organisations will join in the effort.

Please understand that the project is an ongoing effort. The basic functionality works, but your requirements might be different from other charities. You can find a contractor to implement additional functionality. Of course, every contributor can work on functionality that they will need for their own organisation, and we will try to integrate it into OpenPetra. But this should happen in a way of mutual understanding.

The goal is to use a plug-in architecture to make OpenPetra quite flexible so that it can be used by different organisations with different structures and requirements.

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