Features of OpenPetra

All individuals, organisations, churches, etc, are entered into an OpenPetra installation as partners. Each site uses a separate set of partner IDs, to avoid conflicts when data is exported from one site to another. The OpenPetra functions are organised into a number of inter-linked modules. In addition to the items listed below, each module allows various types of report to be printed, and appropriate data to be exported to other sites.

Most of the functionality has been working fine in the old Petra. Unfortunately, not all functionality has been ported yet to OpenPetra. But if you want to sponsor one functionality or module in particular, let us know!

Contact Management (Partner Module)

  • Records names, addresses (current and previous) and other contact details, bank details, relationships, special flags, and data appropriate to the local site.
  • Manages the sending of regular publications to be sent to groups of partners, records individual contacts with partners
  • Allows printing of labels, form letters (mail-merge), etc. Data can also be exported into a form that can be used in a spreadsheet of word-processor.

Accounting Package (Finance Module)

  • Provides a general ledger, gift receipting, accounts payable and budgeting
  • Supports transactions in any currency
  • Manages transactions between sites (for example transmission of support gifts) through a well-established International Clearing House mechanism for the efficient transfer of funds and minimisation of currency exchange charges.
  • We plan to implement an invoicing system as well, to be able to issue invoices to guests or customers of a book shop etc.

Personnel Module

  • Records all required personal data for both short-term and long-term members of the organisation
  • Manages applications for participation in short-term events.
  • Provides facilities to record staff positions in the various sites and organisational units (although this function exists, it is not currently used much).

Conference Management

  • Supports a person managing a conference in recording who will attend, payments, assignment of accommodation, organisation of groups for activities, printing of badges, arrival and departure arrangements, etc.

Financial Development / Fund Raising

  • Supports those responsible for funding projects. This module has not been fully developed, and at present the functionality is limited to producing certain reports relevant to this application.

Hospitality Module

  • This has not been implemented yet, but we have plans to provide an easy and integrated system for hosting your guests.
  • You need to know which rooms or even beds are used at which time.
  • It has to be easy to make the financial calculation, print an invoice for the guest, and forward the costs to the finance department inside OpenPetra.

System Manager

  • Allows the system administrator to assign access permissions to users, set local parameters (date and number format), set-up printers, etc.
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